Essays and Literature

Horror and Hope in Africa

Imprisoned genocidaires on work detail in Rwanda

These essays illustrate the mind-boggling extent of both evil and God’s grace at work within the same context of great human suffering.

God’s Love

The individual essays in this collection were written separately, but belong together under the theme of God’s love. Each speaks of the power and hope that come from knowing God and experiencing the love of God in personal, life-transforming ways.

When Prayer Makes a Difference in Suffering

This essay first appeared in The Huffington Post on June 4, 2010. The many challenging and opposing comments to this piece that ensued led to creating an extended series on prayer, entitled, “Dialogue with the Disillusioned.” (See separate collection of essays under that name.)

Spirit-Led Living in Real People

Sunrise in Yangon, Myanmar

Reflections on Spirit-led living in practice

The Spirit-Led Leader

Light pouring through a window of Chartres Cathedral during morning prayer

These few essays get to the heart of what it means to be a Spirit-led leader—someone who is above all committed to a vital relationship with God and learning how to live and lead out of that relationship through the power and working of the Holy Spirit.

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