DRC (Congo) Staff

Rev. Dr. Kambere Bolingo, FHLGM National Coordinator for the Congo

The Rev. Bolingo Kambere served as the Head Chaplain and Coordinator of the Nehemiah (community-based, development and discipleship) Program at HEAL Africa, Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo for 10 years, prior to earning a PhD program in Biblical Studies at the University of South Africa. He expects to graduate this year (2023). He has now returned to his chaplaincy role at HEAL Africa, serves as one of the pastors in his Baptist Church in Gomaville, and works part time for Faith, Hope, and Love Global Ministries. His responsibilities at FHLGM include overseeing the publication and distribution of Tim’s books in French, coordinating and supervising the FHLGM team of volunteers in the Congo, and organizing webinars for Tim’s teaching.

Ms. Rosy Kaliki, Finance Officer (Chargé des finances)

Rosy received her master’s degree and in 2019 and began working at the CBCA’s, a Baptist denomination in Central Africa, head office as a school advisor. She will be supporting Faith, Hope, and Love Global Ministries by managing the FHLGM office in Goma, overseeing the finances, creating and maintaining minutes and other records, and assisting with training and conferences.

Rev. Sosthene, Chargé de la logistique à Beni

Rev. Sosthene, head of logistics at Béni. Sosthene served as a pastor since 1987 under the Baptist Community of Central Africa (CBCA) until his retirement in 2019. Since then, he’s been serving as a chaplain and assistant in the Bilingual Christian University in Béni in the theology department. In conjunction with FHLGM, he is busy popularizing and disseminating the book, “What can we expect from God now?” at various schools and churches in the Béni area.

Lukogho Vagheni Gratien

Lukogho teaches Literature and Didactics at Teachers Training College of Beni, Butembo, Kirumba and Goma in DRC. He is a volunteer member of Faith, Hope,  Love and Global Ministries team in the DRC. He edited Dr Timoty C. Geoffrion’s book in French, What We Can Expect from God Now: Seven Spiritual Truths for Trusting God in Troubled Times (2020).

Pastor Jacques Paluku Kwamiremundu, Chargé de la logistique

Pastor Jacques has served as a high school teacher of psychology, head master, and chaplain. He holds honors degrees in psychology and theology, and is currently working on an additional degree in Goma, DRC. In his work with Faith, Hope, and Love Global Ministries, he seeks to develop our communication with webinar participants and churches and to further our ability to sell and distribute our books throughout Eastern Congo.