The vision for Faith, Hope, and Love Global Ministries goes back to the seminary days (1980-1984) of its founders, Tim and Jill Geoffrion. At that time, God first put foreign mission work on their hearts, and Jill spent two summers in Africa as a short-term missionary (in Zaire, which is now the Democratic Republic of Congo, and in Malawi). During many years in the pastorate and teaching in colleges and seminaries in the United States, the sense of call to teach teachers and ministers abroad as well as home only grew for both Tim and Jill.

Tim and Jill Geoffrion
photo credit: Ken Geoffrion

From 1995-2005, Dr. Tim Geoffrion served for ten years in executive leadership at Family Hope Services (TreeHouse), now headquartered in Edina, Minnesota. In his roles as Program Director and Executive Director, he was instrumental in developing a training program that increased the capacity of staff to lead with greater spiritual vitality and to serve more effectively in their ministries. He also oversaw the development of a program to replicate the TreeHouse model of ministry by training staff from other nonprofits. Meanwhile, Jill was in the process of publishing seven books in as many years (1999-2006) on the use of the labyrinth as a prayer tool, especially with Christians in mind.

In 2002, Dr. Tim Geoffrion, first began extending his vision for spiritual leadership development to international settings. For three successive years, he conducted 2-3 day seminars for 15-20 pastors and spouses in Sofia, Bulgaria, at the invitation of another nonprofit, INTEGRA. There, he discovered that pastors from developing and underdeveloped countries are hungry for biblical teaching, spiritual nurture, leadership training, and encouragement.

In 2005, drawing on his experiences in leadership and teaching at TreeHouse, Tim published The Spirit-Led Leader: Nine Leadership Practices and Soul Principles (The Alban Institute, 2005). This book has now become the standard text for the current work of Faith, Hope and Love Global Ministries.

In 2006, Tim began a sabbatical in order to explore developing a global teaching ministry. During this time he was certified as a life coach and created a spiritual life coaching practice that, together with his books, has become foundational for teaching on Spirit-led leadership and for coaching pastors and Christians leaders around the world.

In January 2007, Dr.’s Tim and Jill Geoffrion accepted a longstanding invitation to teach at a seminary in Yangon, Myanmar. They taught 60 seminarians, lectured on Christian spirituality, and preached in local churches.

Then, in October 2007, they traveled to Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), where Tim led a Pastors’ Leadership Conference for 30 pastors from different denominations in collaboration with the Anglican Church of Congo, HEAL Africa, and Christ Presbyterian Church (Edina, MN). Jill led prayer sessions using creative methods for prayer in conjunction with the leadership training. On the trip, their hearts went out to the Congolese, five million of whom had died through war, disease and starvation over the previous ten years, and who are still experiencing thousands of violent rapes and murders every year in the country villages. Yet, through the experience in the DRC, Tim and Jill saw clearly that by helping the pastors, we could help the suffering people.

Tim Teaching in Africa

The enthusiastic response from both the Burmese and the Congolese, combined with a growing sense of calling to global ministry, led the co-founders to take the next step in formalizing the outreach. On February 5, 2008, this ministry was officially incorporated under the name Faith, Hope, and Love International that was soon changed to Faith, Hope, and Love Global Ministries. After spending the first year establishing the legal and financial foundation for the work, Faith, Hope, and Love has been steadily expanding the scope of its impact on four different continents.

Thank you for listening to our story and for considering joining us in our mission to “teach, inspire, and encourage ministers and leaders, equipping them to serve Christ more effectively.”

In Christ’s service,

Tim and Jill Geoffrion, Co-Founders