Current Wish List

We need your help in raising funds for special projects!

Due to our expanding opportunities, our “wish list” for sponsorship is growing.

Could you help us with one of the following?

  • Funding for printing and distributing What We Can Expect from God Now to pastors suffering from church lock-downs and other economic challenges due to COVID-19 in Cambodia ($1500)
  • Staff salary in Myanmar (inquire for more specific information)
  • Publishing 1000 copies of What We Can Expect from God in Burmese and English for distribution in Myanmar ($1000)
  • Wifi backup for internet access for staff in Myanmar, so that important online classes and workshops will not be disrupted during frequent power outages ($370)
  • Money to print additional copies of What We Can Expect from God in Vietnamese to distribute among pastors of 500 pastors of house churches in Vietnam ($100-$1000)