Light in the Darkness Video Series

This series of short videos are to support and encourage the Burmese people and all those who need and want God’s help in the midst of their suffering. Each video focuses on one spiritual truth, based on the teaching of the Bible, my faith journey as a Christian, and decades of experience as a minister and professor of New Testament and Christian Spirituality. Though the immediate context for this video series is the attempted military coup in Myanmar, the spiritual truths discussed are applicable for all those who are facing overwhelmingly difficult times and who are looking to Christ for guidance, strength, and courage to face their darkness.

The Burmese subtitles were created to be able to reach more Burmese people, who especially need encouragement and spiritual guidance from the Bible in their suffering.

Video 1- May 15th, 2021

Video 2- May 29th, 2021

Video 3- June 13th, 2021