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What Can We Expect from God Now?

The leaders guide that accompanies Tim Geoffrion’s most recent book, What Can We Expect from God Now?: Trusting God in Troubled Times translated into French.


Essay Series: What Can We Expect from God Now?

A nine part essay series on trusting God in troubled times. 

Introduction to Series

Spiritual Truth 1:

Remember your limited ability to understand the will and ways of God….

Spiritual Truth 2:

Expect God to be at work in your life, leading and guiding you….

Spiritual Truth 3:

Expect God to strengthen your faith, build your character, and lovingly restore your hope through your suffering

Spiritual Truth 4:

Expect to share in Christ’s sufferings. Expect to share in his glory

Spiritual Truth 5:

Remember—nothing can separate you from the love of God

Spiritual Truth 6:

Expect more peace, as you put your anxieties in God’s capable hands

Spiritual Truth 7:

Expect to be renewed, as you accept your limitations and wait on God

Conclusion to Series:

Remember, Trust is a Choice

Je Suis Aimé (in French)


Tim’s Sermons in French

“Si je ne fais pas les oeuvres de mon Père, ne me croyez pas” (Jean 10:31-42)

“If I do not do the works of the Father, do not believe me” (John 10:31-42)

Delivered in French at Mass for the Chemin Neuf Community at Domes, France (2013)

La Retraite Cathédrale« La Vie dans l’Esprit » Conférence

Tim’s Teaching on April 26th, 2018

(Text Version)

Jill’s Sermons in French

“Roulez Ensemble!”

A sermon delivered in French at a wedding where the couple was planning a 14 month trip around the world on a motorcycle. Thus, Jill used the metaphor of traveling together to speak of healthy marriages (2013)