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It was a treat to meet you and have you share with us your thoughts and ideas on a Spirit-Led Leader.  I have heard many very positive thoughts.  The Spirit was moving through you to help us learn and grow in the Spirit and take this back to our churches…  Thank you so much for being with us and sharing.  The Spirit is working in and on Wyoming Presbyterians and you helped.

Bruce Heimbuck – Moderator of the Wyoming Presbytery (2011-2012)

Tim taught 60 members of the Presbytery on May 4, 2012.


Tim connected extremely well with our TreeHouse ministry staff. He taught on a topic that could have been intimidating and complex and presented it in a way that was simple to understand. Tim created a safe environment for learning and related to the group as a pastor, teacher and friend. His Spirit-Led Leader lesson was equally insightful and empowering.

Tom Richards – Program Director for Family Hope Services (TreeHouse), Minneapolis, Minnesota



Tim and Jill,

You two, and those you train and support, are part of God’s reward, God’s care, God’s leading. Thank you for being part of healing.
Thank you for being part of God’s gentle carrying of God’s people. Thank you for being two of my heroes.

Scott Volltrauer – TreeHouse Area Director and Staff Trainer, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota


Thanks so much for sharing this – it was absolutely fabulous!!!!  Agape love – oh how true!  So much of you said is so exactly on point – you are a gift to all who heard your message and for all who take time to read your email.  Thanks always for all your words of wisdom and your time you have given me – truly and deeply appreciated.

Joanne K. – On Tim’s essay: “What Kind of Love Makes a Marriage Flourish”


It is easy for me to write a letter of reference for “Faith, Hope and Love Global Ministries”.  Faith, Hope and Love Global Ministries exists to inspire, teach and encourage ministry leaders around the world.  What I most appreciate about this ministry is that it provides tools to teach, train and equip ministry leaders who would never be able to afford or access such high quality training….

Dr. Timothy Geoffrion brings a unique combination of education and life experience as a Parish Pastor, New Testament Scholar and Professor, Executive Director of a large Non- Profit organization and Spiritual Life Coach which enables him to provide training, help and hope to people in the far corners of the globe who would not other wise be able to afford it.

John Hogenson,Lead Pastor

St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church. Stillwater, Minnesota


Hi Tim,

It’s been awhile since the Spirit-Led Leader event and I thought you might like to know what some of the outcomes of our time together. I can mainly speak about my congregation, however, I know that the other pastors who participated along with their congregational leaders have reported that there is much more intentional spiritual formation in their time together. The shift is from business as usual toward an intentional, deepening relationship with God as what defines leadership in the congregation.

 This is very true for my governing board. We meet almost every Saturday morning for ongoing spiritual formation and discipleship. They committed to going deeper while on the retreat and believed that meeting weekly was a way to do that. During our monthly biz meeting, questions such as, “How are we growing in Christlikeness?” and “What is God calling us to become and to do on behalf of those God wishes us to reach?” are interrupting our automatic-pilot approach to lots of talk and little listening. I can truly say that our time together in February was transformational for several of my leaders personally and for the council as a team. It served as a great catalyst for setting a common vision of what it means to be spiritual leaders, together, for the sake of the congregation’s life together and its cause. Blessings,

 Pastor Mike Lee, First Lutheran Church, Madison area, Wisconsin

Participant of Leadership Network Spirit-Led Leader Retreat, Feb. 2007


 Hi Tim,

 …As for the effect that the retreat has had, it has been really great.  Councils are struggling with how to be more effective, less micro-managing and more Spirit-focused.  Two of them will be coming to watch one of our council meetings to get some pointers.

Also, a neighboring Lutheran pastor … attended the gathering at my invitation.  He was very skeptical of what we’re doing.  He had been a man who had cultivated his own spiritual life quite well, but didn’t know how to effectively bring it into the congregation.  He attended our last meeting of the group as well and a new fire has been lighted.  It will be fun to see what happens at their country church now that he has a bit more courage and knows that things like this can be done.

 Mike and some others have instituted new council formats as well where they meet once per week for spiritual life development and once per month for the macro-management of the congregation. People are excited about what’s happening, although still a bit skeptical.  “Why didn’t we do this before?  Perhaps its not real!”  Those kind of good questions.  However, experience in study and the disciplines have been quite real for them now….My hope is that we don’t lose the momentum that was created, but that really is up to us as pastors, it seems, to keep it going.

 God Bless You!

Rob Carlson, ELCA pastor, Madison area, Wisconsin

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