North America

Our home base in North America is Minneapolis, Minnesota. Our ministries in the United States primarily consist of leading Spirit-led leader and labyrinth prayer workshops for church groups, and teaching intensive short term courses at various seminaries for MDiv. students, alumni, and continuing education participants. Well-known venues include Princeton Theological Seminary, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, and Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota. We have been asked to work with groups of pastors and other regional church leaders, such as by leading a pastors retreat for American Baptist Churches of Nebraska and conducting a day long education event for Presbyters of the Wyoming Presbytery.


“The Spirit was moving through you to help us learn and grow in the Spirit and take this back to our churches.”

Bruce Heimbuck –

Moderator of the Wyoming Presbytery, after Tim taught 60 members of the Presbytery on May 4, 2012.

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