Spiritual Life Coaching

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The spiritual coaching program conducted by Dr. Timothy has a positive effect on my daily life. The program leads me to recall how God engaged in my life during the past week and to prepare how to walk with God in the week ahead. The exercises help me lay down my burden to God and get free. Actually, because of this program, my soul could enjoy an inner peace.

Naw Htoi, M.Div II


I have never experience the spiritual coaching before I met with Dr. Timothy. Because of his leading, I got the experience and I can communicate with God more and more. He guides me for my spiritual growth. This is very important for my spiritual growth. I have learned many experiences in this spiritual coaching. I can listen to what God want to talk me and what God want me to do. I find the answer through the spiritual coaching. I got peace, joy and I felt the love of God when I join this spiritual coaching.

Aung Lin Tun, M.Div II


As a theological student, I encounter stress and worry occasionally. However, I have peace of mind and I feel like being with Christ Jesus when I attend the spiritual life promoting program offered by Dr. Timothy. That’s why I have decided to gain more minutes for daily spiritual exercise.

Steven Gum Awng, M.Div II


First of all, I give thanks to God and praise his holy name for giving us this kind of opportunity to have fellowship with our beloved teacher Dr. Timothy C. Geoffrion in such kind of experiential program. I would like to mention some advantages and benefits by having such kind of unusual program. The idea that I will be doing this kind of spiritual promoting program has born in my mind if God is going to appoint me as a pastor or to do ministry in my church (before I go to further study) in the rest of my ministry life.

  1. I have never experienced this kind of program.
  2. We (our friends, even our teacher) deeply know each other concerning spirituality or spirituallife though we knew before (personally), if somebody is weak in some area, we get a chance topray for them.
  3. Sometime I feel freedom and liberty.
  4. It always reminds me to ask God to help me overcome in my weak point.
  5. When U Htin Kyaw [Dr. Tim] led us into prayer, I was really touched by the Holy Spirit (most ofthe times) and felt as if I was speaking with Jesus face to face. I felt happiness and peace in my heart. Sometime, when we finished our prayer the joy has come into my heart. I am really encouraged.
  6. On the other hands, the closer I am to God the stronger trails or temptations I face.

Van Duh Cem


This is my pleasure to describe my heartfelt thanks to God for giving me a good chance to participate at spiritual coaching program which is conducted by Dr. Timothy in 2015 – 2016 academic year. As this program is intended for spiritual vitality, and gives me a lot of experiences to promote my daily spiritual life including how to plan and conduct for my daily spiritual vitality. And then, by participating in this program, I am encouraged and comforted from confusion and oppression due to my daily needs etc. and always reminds me to go forward actively for my daily spiritual life.

Paul, M.Div II


I have experienced many advantages and benefits by having spiritual coaching program. I learn more about how to relationship with God and know how to comfort others with the comfort we have received from God. And then, we can share together and encourage one another through our spiritual coaching group and help the weakness of our spiritual need that we are feeling. When we have silence prayer, allows me to listen to God, and to be conscious of God within me. At that time, I feel like this is a precious time for me to progress my prayer life.