Sermons and Speeches

Sermons and Speeches by Dr. Tim Geoffrion

“What Makes a Marriage Work?”

Tim’s Homily on new marriages, commitment, and putting God at the center of everything. July 16th, 2017

“Make Every Effort” (Audio)

Tim preached at New Life International Fellowship (Yangon, Myanmar), January 15, 2017


“Our God is a God of Resurrection” (Audio)

Preached at New Life International Fellowship (Yangon, Myanmar), March 12, 2017


“Crossing Bridges–Growing in Your Relationship with God” (Audio)

This four week series was recorded at New Life International Fellowship–Yangon, Myanmar


“Knowing God Better”

Preached at New Life International Fellowship – Yangon, Myanmar (October 2016)

Converted to an article for the Myanmar Institute of Theology Magazine (to be published, March 2017)


“What Now?”

Charge to Graduates of Myanmar Institute of Theology (2009)


Tim’s Top Ten Tips”
Delivered to the Faculty and Board of Trustees, Myanmar Institute of Theology


Human Suffering and Faith in God, and How to Respond to Those Who are Crying Out

Delivered to Wooddale Church Discipleship University – Minneapolis, MN


Loving God from the Heart” (Audio)

Delivered to Tedim Baptist Church – Yangon, Myanmar (2013)


Not My Will, but Yours Be Done

Delivered at the Myanmar Institute of Theology Baccalaureate Service – Yangon, Myanmar (2013)


“A Harvest of Love” (Luke 7:36-50)

Preached at Immanuel Baptist Church, Yangon, Myannar (Nov. 10, 2013)


Tim’s Sermons in French

“Si je ne fais pas les oeuvres de mon Père, ne me croyez pas” (Jean 10:31-42)

“If I do not do the works of the Father, do not believe me” (John 10:31-42)

Delivered in French at Mass for the Chemin Neuf Community at Domes, France (2013)


Sermons and Speeches by Dr. Jill Geoffrion


“Think Again!”

Baccalaureate Address, Myanmar Institute of Theology (2009)


“God’s Amazing Love” (Audio) (Transcript)

Delivered to Tedim Baptist Church, Yangon, Myanmar (2013)


Jill’s Sermons in French

“Roulez Ensemble!”

A sermon delivered in French at a wedding where the couple was planning a 14 month trip around the world on a motorcycle. Thus, Jill used the metaphor of traveling together to speak of healthy marriages (2013)