Radio Interview on KTIS

In Spring of 2006, Dr. Tim Geoffrion was interviewed by Kim Jeffries on KTIS Radio in Minneapolis, MN. KTIS can be heard in the Twin Cities on 98.5 FM.

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Radio Interview on the Vital Connection (WHKP)

On April 21, 2014, Dr. Tim Geoffrion was interviewed by Bill Campbell on the Vital Connection. Tim discussed the topic of the Spirit-led life. The Vital Connection runs on WHKP Radio (1450 AM) in Hendersonville, NC (

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Radio Interview on Faith Radio

On June 20th, 2017, Tim was interviewed by Bill Arnold on the Early Morning Late Show on Faith Radio (Minneapolis 90.7 FM). He shared about his new book Saying Yes to God.

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Power Up Master Class Interview with Natalie Lavelock

Tim’s interview with Natalie Lavelock for the Power Up Master Class, catch a glimpse of how Spirit led living has been apart of Tim’s life and how it can be apart of yours too! (June 2017)

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Working with Purpose Interview on Faith Radio July 2017

Tim’s interview on “Working with Purpose” with Dave Stark, aired July 8th, 2017 on Faith Radio. Listen to hear more about Tim’s experiences around the world and in particular Myanmar. He shares with us about his students, his teaching, and what a typical day in Myanmar may look like. Tim also discusses what it means to lead from a Christian perspective, his previous book The Spirit Led-Leader and his new book Saying Yes to God. 

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Beyond Words Radio Interview

Tim speaks with Dr. William Campbell on Beyond Words Radio, the interview aired on January 8th, 2018. They discuss what it means for us to listen to what God is saying and how to act on it. If you are questioning how to keep in step with the Spirit and want some ideas on how you can say yes to God in your life, listen to this interview to get some insight.

The podcast is available for download at HERE!

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