The Rev. Timothy C. Geoffrion, Ph.D.

President and Teaching Minister

Tim is an ordained minister with a Ph.D. in New Testament Studies. Tim has served as a church pastor, seminary professor, and nonprofit executive director. Currently, he serves as teaching minister and spiritual life coach, working mostly with leaders, pastors, and seminarians in the U.S.A., Europe, Africa and Asia. Tim is the author of two published books: The Spirit-Led Leader: Nine Leadership Practices and Soul Principles (Alban Institute, 2005) and One Step at a Time: A Pilgrim’s Guide to Spirit-Led Living (Alban, 2008). Tim is also the author of many scholarly articles, and is published in numerous journals including the Huffington Post. He and his wife, Jill, live in Wayzata, MN, their home base in the U.S. when not on the mission field.

Mr. Swe Maung

Administrative Assistant (Myanmar)

Swe Maung graduated from the Myanmar Institute of Theology (M.I.T.), having earned a Master of Divinity (M.Div.) degree in 2014. He is currently working full time at M.I.T. as the University Task Force Coordinator and part time as Tim Geoffrion’s administrative assistant in the Faith, Hope, and Love Global Ministries Myanmar Office in Yangon. Swe Maung, a former student of Tim’s, is providing much needed, on-the-ground help to keep the ministry advancing even when Tim is elsewhere.

Ms. Allie Arens

Assistant to President

Allie was born and raised in Southeast Minneapolis. She is attending Winona State University, where she is pursuing a degree in therapeutic recreation and developed a deep, personal relationship with Jesus. She joined staff in May of 2016 as assistant to the president (USA) and is based in Minnesota. Her mission is to rejoice always, pray continually, and give thanks in all circumstances as she works to advance Faith, Hope, and Love Global Ministries by God’s faithful and perfect provision.

Mr. Hrang Lian Thang (Peter)

Senior Research Assistant

Peter is a recent graduate from Myanmar Institute of Theology (Insein, Myanmar). He hopes to begin teaching New Testament and English full time in one of the Chin colleges in Chin State in the coming academic year. His part time role at Faith, Hope, and Love Global Ministries will focus on analyzing all the data that will be forthcoming from a major research project FHLGM is conducting in Myanmar. He will also be translating one of Tim’s books, The Spirit-Led Leader: Nine Leadership Practices and Principles, into Hakha Chin language.